Monday, October 6, 2008

Whats new with us.

Well to be honest not to much,Last Saturday we had a benefit concert for mu sis,Why the crowd was small we raised about $600.Not to bad from a crowd of 20 people.This Saturday we took the girls to the fair,It maybe just me but it gets smaller and more $$$ every year it just doesnt seem to hold the pazzaz that it use to.

Sunday we over slept,I woke up and the clock it read 10:15 NOT GOOD,So church members if you read this that is why we missed we were not ditching.

I have not posted much,have not had much to post about,I think I will now,I think Ill just post what God lays on my heart,hes been working with me and will see where it leads.

Do any of y'all know how to follow blogs there are some on y'alls blogs that I would love to follow,and get to know soo if they have my spaces or facebooks.send them my way.We already have one or 2 things in common we love Jesus Christ and we blog!!!!!!!!!!

Ok till tommrow love y'all and Dre'lynn (I think thats right you husband is in my prayers.)


Drewe Llyn said...

Thank you so much for those prayers! I'm about to post an update. God bless!

Wyatt Roberts said...

Hey, Shannon! Did y'all go to the fair with the other homeschoolers? Rhonda and the kids did...and boy, when I got home, the kids were going on and on about it...had a fantastic time -- especially on the dragon thing (whatever that is ;-)

Peace out, gir!