Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wishing I understood.

I have this friend,who has alot on her plate right now,and has had a lot her whole life it seems,
Shes in a loveless marriage,well in fact they broke up a long time ago.But neither wants to leave what they have worked so hard for.Some said theyll leave once the kids are grown well the kids are grown and yet they still live in this (Pit) both are depressed.It just doesnt make any sense why one cant just walk.,Maybe they think its normal.,BUT yet NONE of their kids ever come to vist,bring the grand kids over because of this.

I called this friend last night,to talk about Brookes MRI and SHE WENT OFF on me,Wanting to know why I had a MRI done on her.OK this would be ok,Had she NOT have known Brooke ,but shes known Brooke since the HPT came back Postive.She knows Brooke has a tumor on her optic nerve.and we do scans every 6 months to check on things.Im wondering if shes headed for a break down.anyway keep in your thoughts and prayers.I know she needs her family right now but she pushed everybody away.

As far a Brooke goes yesterday went OK.She kinda had a fit about not wanting to go,But after she got back to the pre op where she could lay down and relax,she was ok.We had the lap top up there and she was playing it till she went back!!!! We find out next Thursday what the say,if they dont call before then.

Guess thats it,we had a pretty good weekend here.Quite for the most part.LOL.BUT the main event,which I will leave for anther blog on a rainy day.Goes to show that Brooke and Kate or 2 peas in a pod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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