Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Voice of Truth...

Good Morining all y'all.How are y'all this fine Thursday!!!!!!! Not much going on here today,but of course its still early.Ive been up since 5am thinking about the things that have been going on in my life and why God has led my to the church hes led me to.The Casting Crowns song Voice of truth nags at me,The verse that talks about stepping out of my comfort zone,the SBC,and steppping out in to the great unknown where Jesus is.Its like I have this vison and Im in a boat and Im stepping out into this body of water where the pastor Bro.ED and serval church members are.(They are readers).LOL!!! And they are waving at me to come on in,while the people in the boat my former church and some friends cant make them out,But thats ok its not the point,And they are laughing like girl you dont know what you doing.But ya know I dont know what Im doing,They are right,But my God knows whats he doing,and I will listen and belive because he is the voice of truth!!!! I belive that this were God wants me He is at Quest.He has me here for a reason,and it will be made known in His time,after all our time is not his time!!!!

Thankful Thursday!!! Ok Quest most def.Bro.ED and my readers.Most of you or Quest members,
So Im thankful for yall my new church family.
That we have a date!!! Kelly my sister as many of you know will be having a bone transplant and as of last Thursday,they said it maybe as early as the 21st but most def by 27th!!!!!!!! So add them to your prayer list.

That Brookes MRI went well.She had issues at first not wanting to go.But after she got in her room and relaxed she was fine.It took awhile but she was a tropper.

Ok guess thats it,Im drawing blanks and fixxin to start rambling so before that happens Im outta here.Till next time,Love y'all!!

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