Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun Fridays

Today I thought I would share how my girls got their names,

Brookes story we knew before we were married that our first daughters middle name would be Brooke,We feel in love with it when we first heard it,Ok this is going to be lame,But its Jeff Gordons Ex wifes name and we are Nascar fans,Like I said lame,But hey like a friend said this week we all have our weridness!!!!!!!!! Her first name is Naomi,I admire Ruth so much she left her people,her gods,and followed her mother law inlaw .So I thought why not name my daughter after the person.So the name Naomi Brooke came to be,Most people say that she doesnt act like a "NAOMI" Now Naomi means pleasant.Brooke means flowing .So shes pleasant flowing!!!!!

Now for my Katie Beth,Her name...When I first found I was expecting Miss Katie I looked already 3 months Pregant I was ask by the lab techs if I was a ob tranfer Im like no Im just here to confrim it,LOL!!!!!!! Anyway YUP Im PG They decided to do a sono,They find a sac and a fetal pole but NO BABY??!!! That was like a Thurs/FRI.So they so go home and come back Monday and we will check again maybe it just to early.So we do and claim Gods Promise that He will give you what your heart so desires,The Steeles a southern Gospel group has a song that is called GodKept His Promise"he talks about Abraham and Sarah and their desire to have a child and that the womb that was empty had been made full!!!!!!! Well we prayed and claimed that song allll weekend,So on Monday morining when the tech checked,The first words out of her mouth was HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On June 2,2004 Katelynn Elizabeth came into my life.

Katelynn means-Pure

Elizabeth-Oath of GOD!

Ok thats it for today Katie Beth is wanting to do something,So got go see what she needs/wants.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankfull Thursday..

Guess I will make Thursdays my Thankful day!!! Today Im thankful for my new Church family,Quest Commuinty,What a awesome church,Casting crowns sings two songs,Stained glass masquerade,
and voice of truth,At Quest I can feel like I can be who I am.No mask needed,Nobody is perfect,.We all have problems and I dont make a very good plastic person,So at Quest,I can be who I am.The Voice of Truth song speaks sooo clearly of Quest Jesus is here.Hes at every service,It shows,and While Jesus is there,They allow him to work just because the clock says 12pm dont mean a thing at Quest Jesus is not put on a time clock.Bro.Ed doesn't say Hey Jesus it 12,We want to beat the baptist to the buffet so could you hurry it along!!!!!!! He lets God move!! AMEN!!!!!!!!
The Todd Agnew song My Jesus also could fit in here,The Jesus that Quest worships is my Jesus,
Thank-yall for reading !!!!!!!

Friday I think I will tell the story of my girls and how I got their names,!!!!!!!!!

Oh and there will be a concert at Quest Saturday for my sister!!!! Anther reason Im thankful for Quest The outreach mintstery!!!!!!!!!! Awesome people God has blessed me with,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey yall
This is Shannon.Just thought I would start a blog,It maybe a slight bore at times.But thats just us.Like today Katie and I went to the dentist came home ate corndogs and watched Currious George.Sitting here waiting for 2:30 when Brooke comes in.

Katie and I have been enjoying these Fall days.We are not hot weather people.I love this time a year!!!! Football.Chilli,Cheaper light billls (LOL),the colors,leaves,the fair.

Speaking of the fair,its starting next week.I passed by the fair grounds today.It begining to look like somethings going on down there!!!!!!

Guess thats it for today,Hope those who follow this blog will forgive the spelling mistakes,Im not the best speller,Spelling bee Champ.I am NOT!!!!!
Thanks y'all and till next time,In His Grip.