Monday, November 24, 2008

ops I forgot to post a pic,!!!

Here's a pic with her Bro.Ed. Thanks for the dress Rhonda!!!! The hand me down Princess loves her new dress.AND yes we do call her the hand me down princess have since she came home from the hospital at that time it seemed like thats all she had,and what a blessing it was!!!!!!! She had tons of little clothes and was so blessed and look like a lil princess the name suck and if you think about God Did "hand her down to us!"!!!!!!!!

9 years.

9 years ago today I was sitting in a cold hospital room in labor with a child I would never hold,never kiss the check or forhead of.It was during that time I found out who my friends were just how strong some where.Not very,It takes a stong person to stand by someone who has just lost a baby and has yet to deliver that baby,I had a preacher come in and take one look at me and say OH my your still Pregnant,I cant do this and left.???? We later found out that he thought we had a miscarriage and not going through a stillbirth it was to much,

But yesterday all that changed!!!!! It took 9 years.(Course 5 of those years she wasnt with us)
We dedicated our Katelynn Elizabeth!!!!!!! Thank you so much Bro.Ed for dedicating Katie!!!
I have tried and tried to get anther preacher to do it.But I guess he didnt want nuttin to do with it!!!!! BUT ya know it wasnt in Gods plan,This was Gods Plan on Hopes Angelversei and for Katies preacher to do the honor!!!!!!!!
That naggin feeling has know been lifted!!! Gods will has been done,Now to the work of what he has instore now telling it!!!! So that others may see What he has done and where he has brought us!!!!!!!!! I think 2009 is going to be a great year!!! I cant wait to get started!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Its been awhile since Ive posted,But wanted to get one up,anyway as my last blog was about my fave Christmas songs maybe as the weeks get closer to Christmas maybe Ill post a few lines as to why I like them!! As of today just realy not in the mood.Alot going on!!! alot of emotions.But anyway.Thats whats going on here!!
Since this is Thanksgiving week I thought I would take the time and post a few of my fave Christmas songs!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I have been trying to find the words all day to say how I feel about what has happened and so I went to you tube and FOUND what I was looking for!!! This is a clip of the Movie Facing the Giants set to the Casting crowns song voice of truth.We are facing the giants right now as we enter 2009.But ya know its ok!!!! This is all for HIS Glory something GREAT is sooooo going to come out of this.With God all things are possible after all Saul became a Great man of God did he not!!!!! So lets not be afraid Our God is on His Thrown !! And is in control!!!!!!!!!