Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello all y'all out in blog land!!! LOL.Just thought I would take a few and say hey to everybody.Not much going here.My girls are realy starting to become realy computer smart.yesterday Im in bed its about 9am,They say they are getting up and going to go and watch TV in the den.OK,no biggie,well I guess they decided to turn the computer on!!! Cause Im in bed and all of sudden I hear HEY ED Hauser here!!! LOL.Im like what?? HUH LOL they had the churches you tube videos on!!!!! What a wake up.Then they started fighting over who Bro,ED belonged to.Brooke said hes was hers and Kate said he was her.I told them just like Moma there was enough Bro.Ed for both of them.

My sis goes in this week to start the transplant.It was suppose to be Monday but the person in the room is still sick and now its a waiting game.....So keep her in y'alls prayers.

Guess thats it.Brookes MRI went well.NO CHANGE!!!! 3 hour wait to say no change,CRAZY PEOPLE just call.mmkay.

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