Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its time

Well today is the day,She went in this Morning to begin the transplant.Wow its here.They are about a week behind because the person who had the room before was still sick.Anyway shes in.and go through testing and such so y'all keep her in your prayers its going to be a long walk.I pray she has the faith and the strength to get through this.They say faith of mustard seeds moves mountains.So Im praying she does..

This video is from Roger Bennet is was with a group called legacy Five till God called him home with Leukemia.So his song talk about what Kellys going through and will be going through,For those of who dont know my sister for her 30th bday was told she had leukemia.So she is now in the hospital getting ready for a transplant.Her twin sis.is the donor.Thanks y'all.

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