Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankfull Thursday..

Guess I will make Thursdays my Thankful day!!! Today Im thankful for my new Church family,Quest Commuinty,What a awesome church,Casting crowns sings two songs,Stained glass masquerade,
and voice of truth,At Quest I can feel like I can be who I am.No mask needed,Nobody is perfect,.We all have problems and I dont make a very good plastic person,So at Quest,I can be who I am.The Voice of Truth song speaks sooo clearly of Quest Jesus is here.Hes at every service,It shows,and While Jesus is there,They allow him to work just because the clock says 12pm dont mean a thing at Quest Jesus is not put on a time clock.Bro.Ed doesn't say Hey Jesus it 12,We want to beat the baptist to the buffet so could you hurry it along!!!!!!! He lets God move!! AMEN!!!!!!!!
The Todd Agnew song My Jesus also could fit in here,The Jesus that Quest worships is my Jesus,
Thank-yall for reading !!!!!!!

Friday I think I will tell the story of my girls and how I got their names,!!!!!!!!!

Oh and there will be a concert at Quest Saturday for my sister!!!! Anther reason Im thankful for Quest The outreach mintstery!!!!!!!!!! Awesome people God has blessed me with,

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