Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey yall
This is Shannon.Just thought I would start a blog,It maybe a slight bore at times.But thats just us.Like today Katie and I went to the dentist came home ate corndogs and watched Currious George.Sitting here waiting for 2:30 when Brooke comes in.

Katie and I have been enjoying these Fall days.We are not hot weather people.I love this time a year!!!! Football.Chilli,Cheaper light billls (LOL),the colors,leaves,the fair.

Speaking of the fair,its starting next week.I passed by the fair grounds today.It begining to look like somethings going on down there!!!!!!

Guess thats it for today,Hope those who follow this blog will forgive the spelling mistakes,Im not the best speller,Spelling bee Champ.I am NOT!!!!!
Thanks y'all and till next time,In His Grip.


Elysa said...

Hey---Is this Andy's wife Shannon? I saw that you had visited my blog. :)

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Hey Shannon! Just stopping by-