Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things that really get under my skin.

People that dont read or listen.Or just don't care to hear your version of a story.Im sorry I have a family my family has needs,I dont have a maid that comes in and pays my bills for me!!!!!!! I cant be in two places at once,Just dont want to most of the time.,If Im at walmart I dont want to be bothered by a cell phone I want to shop in peace,SORRY I dont wanna hear whats so and so did,(celeb wise) It can wait till I get home.So I dont carry one,Its who I am.YES I still have a land line.YES my kids have TVs in their rooms.(dvd players only) they cant get 'TV" in their rooms Aka no satalite or rabbit ears,I live in the country IM SORRY it depresses you I dont have such and such BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I most likely dont want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im happy.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im tired of the harping.Live your life and I live mine.NO my kids are not in everything under the sun,Brookes ADHD just got to where its manageable we will try something next school IF SHE wants to,!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its up to her,NOT ME!!!!!!!!!! I allow my children to for the most part to make their own decisions.I think most of the times they chose well for a 8 year old and 4 year old (this is within reason by the way)Like what they wear what they eat etc...... I mean if Brooke wanted her nose pierced the answer would be NO not now wait till your 18 and if you still want it we will talk about then.......

And as a far a Katelynn she my Baby the last one I will ever have,Im enjoying her,NO shes not spoiled shes just a real loving child that loves to cuddle and by golly you better believe that Im get it while shes sharing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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